We are in love with Roxy. Thank you so much for choosing us to have her as a part of our family. Your communication throughout the process was amazing! Roxy is amazing and her brothers are in love with her! I think you may have started an addiction for our family! Already my husband and oldest son want to add another one to our home! If and when that time comes we will definitely be in touch! The Jones Family Hamilton, NJ

Hi there! I am responding to your request for feedback about our adoption experience. Yes, it did feel like we adopted a very short, hairy kid. Overall the experience has been wonderful. It is so obvious that you love your dogs...all of them both big and small...you can't help but be filled with happiness. If I had to make one suggestion, it would be that you have a take-a-way piece of paper stating things like what food they have been eating, any special instructions, and the no-nos like the couch and the stairs written out. When you show up to take your new bundle home, the only thing you see or hear is your puppy. I had to really pay attention to what you were saying about his paperwork, his vet records, and all that stuff because I was so in love with "Red" the minute I smelled his sweet puppy breath. You should also take a picture with the new family and start an album of you with the new happy parents. What you do is amazing and each of us is lucky to have found, been introduced to, or heard about you.

I believe that when you go out looking for a new family member the most important thing is to find a happy healthy pup. I am so glad I chose Horace Steels Cane Corso for my NAMI. He is healthy and confident and smart as a whip, not to mention a hansom devil! Amy was wonderful with him and let me visit him as much as I wanted during those first 8 weeks. The yearly reunion is also a great time to see what your pup might look like, socialize and meet other great owners. Thanks Amy for my wonderful Tsunami!! Michelle Jackson (MD)

 Bentley is a amazing Cane Corso. She is healthy, playful, and has the best personality around adults, children, and other dogs. Amy is available 24/7, gives out her personal cell phone number, and takes great care of her puppies. Any and Horace Steel cane Corso is highly recommended  Vincent macine (MD)

When I first arrived at Horace Steel’s Cane Corso I immediately recognized the way in which Amy handled her dogs and the level of instruction, discipline and love that she imposed on each one. Throughout my process of purchasing my dog she even made time, on several occasions, for me to visit Chaos for a few hours. During the whole process you could not help but to realize how much she truly cares for not only her dogs but everyone else’s as well. She is a true Cane Corso lover. I have dealt with other breeders in the past in which I have purchased puppies from but I can honestly say that I have never met anyone that loves a breed of dog as much as she does. In addition to the great breeder, my puppy has been everything that I wanted and more. He is amazingly smart, loyal, within the first week of being in the house he quickly retained the house rules and his temperament is awesome. I could not have asked for a more perfect fit. Amy is truly amazing and I would highly recommend Horace Steel’s Cane Corso!
Curtis Clair (D.C)

 Im so happy that a friend of mine recommend me to buy my puppy with Horace Steels Cane Corso....my puppy is really healthy and he behave amazing and well he is such a great looking dog...i really recommend this breeder...they take care of their customers and more of their puppies....Thank you Amy...you really made me so happy bringing Drago into my life...

Daniel Sastre from Pittsburgh, P.A
I am so Ecstatic about the new relationship I have developed with Horace Steel’s Cane Corso. We couldn’t be happier with Our New Edition Cocoa Mocha! Our puppy is Healthy, Happy, and Overall a Great Edition to Our Family! This was my first time buying a pup from a Breeder and I am so Happy I chose Horace Steel, Amy walked me through the process and didn’t leave me with any Doubt or Questions, she truly cares for her dogs & every single pup! Our pup brings me & my kids such Joy that words couldn’t describe!!!Thank you Horace Steel!
<3~ Lorenzo Family
It has been a pleasure meeting and working with you concerning the litter that you have sold. My puppy was almost house trained when I recieved him.You couldnt have asked for much more ,I highly recomment anyone to Horace Steel CaneCorso in the future.(MD)
"We could not be happier with our little Oenomaus! He fits in perfectly with our pack. The whole process was so wonderful. The lengths that Amy went through to make sure each of her puppies went to a caring home were amazing. I’ve had dogs my whole life and I’ve never had a breeder that cared so much about each puppy. When a buyer backed out she was not trying to find the next person with money, she found the right home for the puppy. She has rules and that’s how a breeder should be! I’ve recommended Horace Steels Cane Corsos to everyone I work with! Thank you again Amy!!
-The Swartwood Family (MD)
horace steels

 Our experience with Horace Steel Cane Corso was just wonderful from the start. It was our first time ever purchasing a puppy from a breeder, so we weren't quite sure on how to go about things. Amy was completely understanding and explained to us all that we need to know, answered all our questions and gave us knowledge on the breed.
We are so pleased with our (2) new additions to our family Cazeus and Osiris. Both our puppies are beautiful and perfect in every way. My boys are just thrilled to have them.
Most of all we are pleased with the breeder and the experience that we had with her and all the little things she did for you to be able to watch your puppies grow like posting lots of pictures and being able to visit your puppy when ever you wanted.
I have come to know Amy and her family very well and they are just great people. They are very loving to their animals and very caring about their customers.

Thank you for our beautiful, perfect healthy puppies,

The Hays Family (MD)

 I am so happy with my little girl, Vita. She is such a little love bug and pretty easy to train. I am so grateful for the experience that I had with you. Being able to see her when she was only a week old and visit her whenever I wanted was wonderful. The pictures from when she was just born up till the time i picked her up are priceless and pictures i will have forever It was truly a unique experience and it was obvious how much you care about your puppies. I always hear "your so lucky" when I show them pictures of Vita and tell them about my experience with you. Thank you again!
Lyndsay Hawk

Our boy Boss has been such a great addition to our family. He is in perfect health with an excellent temperament. Amy was extremely easy to work with, having outstanding ethics, unsurpassed knowledge of the breed and dynamite professionalism. Buying our first Cane Corso from Horace Steels Cane Corso's was the best decision we could have made. I have many people stop me and ask about the breed and I am always happy to recommend Horace Steels Cane Corso. Thank for for all that you have done and for brining this beautiful dog into our lives. 
The Mineo Family, Maryland

 We are so pleased with our beautiful new baby girl Mayhem. Amy is an awesome breeder! I truly feel that she and her husband care for your puppy just as she would her own. The quality and temperament of our puppy is phenomenal. She is going to be an amazing dog as she grows into adulthood. We couldn't be happier with our choice. Horace Steel Cane Corsos rocks :)
Vicki & Dan Hinds (PA)

 The Sadler Fmily

When first seeing Steel I fell in love with the breed, I am now blessed with his son who is almost has a strong resemblance of him.. THX Horace Steels Cane Corso

 The Scott family
We were so fortunate to find such a loving caring breeder right in our back yard! Puppy is doing fantastic and I can't tell you how much we love her. Not only is she magnificent to look at, but she is an absolutely perfect definition of what a cane Corso mastiff should look Like and act like. A truly exceptional example and roll model for the breed! Thank you so very much for you're loyalty and true commitment to these beautiful animals!(MD)

The Lowe Family,

hi amy: this pup rules the world u did an awesome job! u can see the difference by the love and care, and attention u gave him!(MD)

 I am very pleased with my purchase of a puppy from Horace Steel Cane Corsos. Shelby is a very loving dog. She has bonded very strongly with me and is very willing to please. She also is showing a protective side at home. She is very at ease around other dogs and not aggressive. Everyone that sees her thinks she is a good looking dog and want to know more about her. I feel very satisfied and feel it was well worth the 4hr ride from NY to Baltimore. She loves to play hard and content to fall asleep between my feet when tired. She is a great companion. She is now 4 months and 40 lbs. Thanks again Brian.


I love my new puppy gemma! I wanted another puppy as a companion for shelby. I only wanted another cane corso from Horace Steel! This is a breeder that cares about her pups and her customers. My girls love to play hard and are also very gentle, I think the love they receive at H/S gets them off to a great start.She is so cute I wish I could keep her like this but she will catch up with shelby too soon. Both my pups have been a great joy so far and Iam sure this will continue. I also want to comend Amy for promoting all the good about this breed.    thanks again. Brian

The Horwath Family 

We just wanted to drop you a note and let you know it was wonderful doing business with you. We were really impressed with the knowledge of the Cane Corso you have and how the dogs are part of the family. The boys are amazing and doing great! We look forward to a little grey girl from you!!! (New Jersey)

The Stovall Family
We are so glad to have meet such a great breeder and having such a great beautiful dog from you. We wouldn't change a thing we were talking about in a year or so getting another dog from you guys again because it was such a great experience and love the breed. Everywhere we go people ask what kind of dog he is and how beautiful he is. Thank you for giving us a perfect and healthy happy pup! (MD)

From the Carlson Family,

"I'm so glad we chose Storm as our puppy. It is obvious that she comes from a home where she was very loved and well cared for. She is so sweet, like a gigantic teddy bear. Everywhere we go, people comment on what a beautiful dog she is"? (VA)

From The Sylvester Family,
Massimo is the sweetest boy we could have asked for.  Massi looks just like his daddy Steele.  He is bursts of puppy energy but generally content to just be lazy.  Very smart and easily trained if the appropriate effort is put into the process.  Thrilled with our decision of breeder. 44LB 4 MONTHS OLD  ( DE)

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